Fracture Space 2 beta 3D Granularsynthesis

Hey everyone!

We are happy to announce the release of Fracture Space 2.0.1 beta!

Fracture Space is a 3D software instrument designed for composers, artists, and sound designers looking for new and experimental production methods.

The Fracture Space synthesis engine is based on systems of 3D sound objects that can be parameterized and stochastically distributed in a virtual acoustic environment. A very short fragment of an audio sample gets assigned to each of these objects. These signals are then recorded by a virtual listener and decoded for various speaker systems. The manipulation and control over the sound source properties are carried out via physically-inspired parameters in real-time. With Fracture Space 2.0.1 beta we extended our tool with 3D effects, MIDI, a sequencer, and a preset section.

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23 days ago

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